Elsie iOS application

Elsie is a mobile application for Curtin University students. It collates important student data from a range of systems and databases within the university, serving it up to mobile devices through a single API gateway. A feat of software engineering by the Curtin team, the application provides access to important academic, administrative and curriculum based university information anytime, anywhere.
Curtin engaged Sumo to build the experience for students as they interact with this gateway. Using an empathetic approach and agile workflow we worked with the Curtin team to deliver an app that’s facilitated big increases to student engagement and retention.


Brand identity 
Experience planning 
Interface design


Completed at Sumo
Feb 2015 – June 2016


​Through personification workshops with University stakeholders and students we were able to identify a strategy that prioritised equality and transparency above all else.

The Elsie identity is approachable, intuitive and fun. Elsie is your friend and study partner - speaking with you, not at you.